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A Christchurch Mar 30, 2018

A Wellington Apr 1, 2018

Aalborg - Denmark May 16

Aguas Calientes to Cusco Day15

Ajaccio France

Albert Caldwell

Alice Springs Mar 16, 2018

Aligators and Other Leathery Animals

Alma Caldwell

Antique Motors

Arches National Monument

At Sea May 12 2017

Auckland Apr 5, 2018

Baltra Island to Guayaquil Day 10

Bandon-Gold Beach

Barcelona Spain Day 1

Barcelona Spain Day 2

Barcelona Spain Day 3

Barcelona Spain Day 4

Barcelona Spain Day 6

Bergen - Norway May 19



Boarding Viking Star

Boise to Arco ID


Bryce Canyon National Park

Cagliari (Sardinia) Italy

Cairns Bats & Museum Mar 14, 2018


California Missions

Canyolands Island in the Sky

Canyonlands Needles

Canyonlands Needles Area


Cedar Breaks National Monument

Charles Caldwell

Christchurch to Wellington Mar 31, 2018

Clara Lantz

Coos Bay-Bandon

Copenhagen - Denmark May 15

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Crater Lake

Craters of the Moon National Monume

Cuba 2012

Cuzco Day 16

Cuzo to Lima to Phoenix Day 17/18

Dead Horse Point State Park

Death Valley

Dinosauer National Monument

Edge of Cedars State Park

Eidfjord - Norway May 18

Ellis Caldwell

Espanola Island Day 7

Fairview Museum

Fantasy Canyon UT

Flaming Gorge Utah

Floreana Island Day 8


Fossil Butte National Monument

Frank Lantz

Frederick Lantz

From the Sea

Gdansk - Poland May 13

George Lantz

George Washington Yaple

Germany 2014

Great Britain 2015 Part 1

Great Britain 2015 Part 2

Great Britain 2015 Part 3

Great Britain 2015 Part 4

Great Ocean Road Tour Mar 19, 2018

Harvey Caldwell

Hecta Head Lighthouse

Helsinki - Finland May 8

Hobart Tasmanian Devil-Penal Colony Mar 22

Hobbits Auckland Apr 4, 2018

Home Page

Human Form

Ira Caldwell

James Henry Lantz

James Morgan Caldwell

Junie Caldwell

Kemmerer WY

Kodachrome Basin UT

La Purisima Mission Large Format

La Purisima Mission State Park

Lassen Volcano Park

Lava Beds

Lima Peru Day 11

Lima to Cuzco Day 12

Louella Caldwell

Louise Lantz

Low Isles and Barrier Reef Mar 13, 2018

Lubec and Wismar - Germany May 14

Lumen Prints

Machu Picchu Day 14

Margaret Lantz

Mary Ann Lantz

Melbourne City Tour Mar 18, 2018

Melbourne Mar 17, 2018

Melbourne to Hobart Mar 21, 2018

Moab to Canyonlands Needles

Mono Lake

Monte Carlo Monaco

Monticello UT

Morocco 2015

Mount Saint Helens

Mt. Cook Mar 29, 2018

Naples Italy (Herculaneum)

Natural Bridges National Monument



Ollantaytambo Day 13


Olympic Penninsula


Otavalo to Homestay Day 3

Otavalo to Quito Day 4

Palma De Mallorca Spain

Panguitch to Richfield

Paria Canyon UT

Philips Island (Koalas) Mar 20, 2018

Pisa (Livorno) Italy

Polaroid Lifts

Polaroid Transfers


Queenstown, Mew Zealand, Mar 27, 2018

Queenstown, New Zealand Mar 26, 2018

Queenstown, New Zealand Mar 28, 2018

Quito Day 5

Quito Equador Day 1

Quito to Galapagos Day 6

Quito to Otavalo Day 2

Ralph Caldwell

Ray Caldwell

Raymond to the Boarder

Rome Italy Day 1

Rome Italy Day 2

Rotorua (homestay) Apr 2, 2018

Rotorua Apr 3, 2018

Russia 2013

Safari near Winston


Santa Cruz Island Day 9

Sarah May Caldwell


Seaside to Tillamook

Shasta Dam

Shoshone Falls ID

Small Gems

St. Petersburg - Russia May 10

St. Petersburg - Russia May 9

St. Stephen's, Art Museum Mar 24, 2018

Stavanger - Norway May 17

Stockholm May 4

Stockholm May 5

Stockholm May 6

Stockholm May 7

Susan Lantz

Sydney Opera House Mar 23, 2018

Sydney, Botanical Garden Mar 25, 2018


Tallinn - Estonia May 11

Thelma Caldwell

Tillamook Air Museum

Tillamook to Mears Lighthouse

Toulon France

Trapani (Sicily) Italy (missed port

Uluru (Ayres Rock) Mar 15, 2018

Valencia Spain

Valetta Malta

Verdure UT

Vernal to Moab

Virginia City


William Givens Caldwell

William Lantz

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